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ENT Care

Adinath ENT Hospital is one of the largest private hospital dedicated to ENT problems, providing innovative and efficient surgical and medical solution. We have all the latest equipment and we specialize in most current technology for the Ear “Trans-canal technique & American cold co-ablator technology.

Hearing Aid Center

Adinath Hearing Aid Center specialized in the latest Hearing Aid Technology providing Full diagnostic and rehabilitation service for people with hearing disorders. our goal is to achieve 100% patient satisfaction through taking a personal approach and providing the very highest quality hearing care.


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ENT Care Treatments

Adinath ENT and General Hospital is constantly delivering quality services to its patients into ENT care and hearing.

Sinus Surgery by Cobleater

The infection, allergies, air pollution or structural problem cause sinus issues. This leads to pain in the face, a plugged nose, headaches and poor smell etc. A surgery using the combination of endoscopy and imaging technique helps to relieve.

Ear Surgery by Transcanal

This micro-surgery involves the use of an endoscope. The transcanal endoscopic ear surgery provides better visualization of the hidden middle ear cavity. It is bloodless and stitches less. It is beneficial for all age group patients.

Adenoids & Tonsils

When the adenoids and tonsils become large and inflamed, they are the source of infection among the children. Then they are surgically removed to abate the condition, followed by treatment with antibiotics.

Earlobe Repair

It is a special surgery that aims to repair the split earlobe, a widened piercing hole or a stretched ear piercing. Best ENT Doctor in Jaipur, Dr. Lovelish Jain reduce the effect of a scar of Earlobe and its appearance for best results.

Voice Laser Treatment

The best ENT Hospital in Jaipur: Adinath Hospital does vocal cord surgery bloodless. It is done to treat voice disorder caused due to polyps, nodules, cyst and sulci that changes the voice. It is an extreme precision surgery using CO2 and Diode Laser.

Advanced Thyroid Care

Thyroid disorder is one of the leading causes of many medical conditions among women. This leads to over or underproduction of the thyroid hormones. Drugs, surgery, diet or special exercises can help relieve the symptom........................

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

A blockage in the upper passage of the airway causes snoring and pauses in breathing while sleeping. This leads to fatigue and sleepiness during the day. Consult with best ENT Specialists in Jaipur for Snoring and Sleep Apnea before it becomes dangerous.


Vertigo is a feeling of dizziness and off balance. It is associated with the infection or problem in the inner ear. Vomiting, headache and hearing loss are other symptoms. It requires aggressive treatment so need to visit Best ENT Hospital in Jaipur.


Rhinoplasty is a surgery done to change the shape of the nose. The main purpose can be to change the appearance, to improve the breathing or both. It is done by Best ENT Surgeon in Jaipur to improve birth defects or injury deformities.


Adinath Hospital

Adinath and General Hospital is a super specialty hospital for quality medical services into ENT Care. It is a leading go to center for the prompt diagnosis of the hearing needs and treatment. The ability to handle every patient with a personal approach and proper care makes Adinath ENT and General Hospital one of the leading private hospitals in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The operation theatres and ICU are well equipped with the required instruments and trained technicians for any emergency. The hospital facilities also include private rooms and wards with a team of dedicated doctors available round the clock. The hospital is also known for many successful surgeries through the latest surgery techniques of Trans-canal technique and Guyana cosmetic surgery. In case of any ENT and Hearing issues, Adinath ENT and General Hospital is the place to go to as it has a team of dedicated and highly skilled doctors and staff ensuring quality medical services.

Great care from all. The Doctors and staff were very attentive and caring to provide the best service. Doing the best to get your health looked after. It has been the best hospital I have been to in my life. Thanks, Adinath ENT.

Chandni Shrivastava

Good doctor.. treat very professionally & Management is really good staff are caring and very cooperative... And doctors really caring... Use the new machine and Best facility. In Adinath Ent Hospital.

Pradip Maan

Best ENT hospital in the city...well mannered and cultured staff..fully satisfied by the treatment offered by the hospital. And staff management and doctors behavior very nice... Everyone is very cooperative.

Rinku Gathala

The well mannered and cultured staff..fully satisfied by the treatment offered by the hospital. Use new machines & technique called transcanal really effective And staff management and doctors behavior very nice.

Amit Kumar

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We at Adinath ENT and General Hospital believe one must never ignore any health issue. For any ENT related medical problem and appointment, you can reach us through our email and phone.